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iCloud is a cloud-based service provider who provides cloud storage services for Apple users. First, users need to create the Apple ID to use the iCloud services. Single Apple ID will work with all the Apple services. Users can use the same ID in iCloud also. Once you logged in iCloud, it will automatically sync your device. In other words, you can easily update your device data into your iCloud to use more storage in your device. The user can easily update Photos, Music, Videos, Movies and many other important things.

It works on all the devices of Apple. Once you created iCloud ID, use it from anyplace and at any time. iCloud services are free to use, it can use wirelessly, and even it runs in the background.

Here are solutions to few of the iCloud issues, which faced by its users. Follow the solutions in the sequence to operate it effectively. If any of the given the solution didn't resolve your issues, you could communicate with iCloud Customer Service Number, and it works 24/7 just to assist its users.

How to operate iCloud on Web?

  • Open the main website of iCloud.

  • Enter iCloud ID and Password.

Note: iCloud ID is same as Apple ID

  • Open the App.

  • Open Photos.

  • Open Drive on iCloud.

  • Choose Contacts

  • Choose Calendar

  • Open find my iPhone.


How to operate iCloud on iPhone or iPod?

  • Click on Settings.

  • Enter Apple ID.

  • Click on iCloud.

  • Upload your selective data on iCloud.

  • Click on Photos.

  • Click on iCloud

  • Click on "Keychain" under the App using iCloud.

  • Click on "ON" key in the slide of iCloud Keychain.

  • Click on iCloud.

  • Choose to find my iPhone.

  • Click on "ON" key in the slide of Find my iPhone.

  • Open iCloud

  • Choose iCloud Backup

  • Click on "ON" key in the slide of iCloud Backup.

How to operate iCloud on Mac?

  • Open the Menu of Apple.

  • Open System preference in iCloud.

  • In iCloud Drive, Check the box next to it and hit save.

  • Choose the data which is sync with iCloud.

How to operate iCloud for Windows:

  • Open your iOS or Mac first, signing on your device first.

  • Click on Download icon, download it to your windows and install it.

  • After installation, Open and enter your Apple ID.

  • Choose the services you wish to enable.

If given solutions didn't work out for you, or you find it difficult to operate and resolve your issues, contact iCloud Support Phone Number and get the best resolutions from experts.

Experts know how to fix any particular issues or errors within a moment. Get in touch with them to get the finest solution for your software support.

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