How To Create An Apple ID To Use iTunes Store?

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Now there are various methods available which help you to create Apple ID within few steps. Take a closer look and follow the given instructions in a sequence to get the best benefits.

Method 1: Create Apple ID Through Website

  • Go to the Apple's official website.

  • Click on Create an Apple ID.

  • Enter your primary and suitable email address.

  • Choose the suitable password for your ID password should have: One uppercase letter, One lowercase letter, One number, At least minimum eight characters long.

  • Choose the security Question: The security question will help you to recover your Apple ID in case if you lost the password or didn't remember the email address.

  • Insert your personal information: Enter your name and address, Enter your proper address so that Apple can send stuff easily at your door.

  • Insert any existing email address it will help you to rescue your email.

  • Enter the CAPTCHA

  • Read the terms and conditions.

  • Click on Create Apple ID.

Method 2: Create Apple ID Through iPad or iPhone

  • Open the application of Settings.

  • Click on create a new account.

  • Continue on Terms and conditions

  • Choose your email address.

  • And choose your suitable password.

  • Enter the billing information.

  • The final step is to verify your account.

Method 3: Create Apple ID Through iTunes

  • Open the iTunes App.

  • Go to the taskbar and find Store

  • In the drop-down, you'll find Create Apple ID and click on it.

  • Now read the terms and conditions and click on continue.

  • Enter your personal information: First and Last Name, Email Address, Password and Security Question.

  • Click on checkbox, if you want apple to send you new releases and other stuff related to iTunes and Apple.

  • Insert your billing information with proper billing address

  • Final step is to verify your account

  • Click on Create Apple ID to complete the process.

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