How To Create iCloud Account In Easy Ways?

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iAppleSupport provides you the best and easy way to create your iCloud account by following the easiest steps. To get the best results, follow the given steps in a sequence.

Part 1: Create iCloud Account

  • Go to settings, Locate the settings icon and click on it, Click on Sign into your device.

  • If your device already has an Apple ID and you want to create a new one, click on Sign out and continue the process.

  • Create a new iCloud ID you'll see an option of "Don't have an Apple ID," click on it.

  • Enter your Identity, Enter your Date of Birth in a sequence of Month, Day and Year, Enter your First and Last Name.

  • Insert your Existing Email Address if you already have an email id, you can use it.

  • Or you can also create a new email address. Just click on Get a free iCloud email Id.

  • Choose your Password your password must have: One uppercase Letter, One Lowercase letter, One number and minimum eight characters long.

  • Insert your Mobile Number, purpose of entering your phone number is just to make sure you're a real person and to verify your identity.

  • Enter the Verification Code you'll receive a verification code on your mobile number, enter it and it continues.

  • Read the Terms and Conditions agree on Term and conditions after reading it.

  • Insert your Device's password do not enter the password of iCloud, use your device's passcode.

  • If you want you can merge your data or don't merge it, totally depends on you.

Part 2: Setup your iCloud Account

  • Click on the option of iCloud.

  • Store your Data: You can choose the data which you want to store in iCloud, Such as Contacts, Images, Videos, Remainders, etc.

  • Enable your iCloud library: Click on Photos option and sync your pictures with iCloud.

  • Go back to the main setting page of iCloud.

  • Scroll Down and locate "Keychain."

  • Slide it on the right side and enable it.

  • Once Again go back to the main setting page of iCloud: Locate Find my Phone, Locate iCloud Backup, Locate iCloud Drive, Enable all of them.

  • There you go, now you have an Activated iCloud id.

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