APPLE IPAD and its Top Features

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Despite of such competition, Apple iPad still rules the market. The prices of the iPads are among the lowest in the industry and the mobile tablet device from Apple has the immense support of innumerable Apple iPad contracts and other deals selling at unbelievable prices. It is basically the 1st tablet PC at the price of a phone.


  • Retina Display- Retina display was introduced in the 3rd generation of the product.

  • Multi-Touch Display- It also has the feature of multi-touch display which means that it detect wether its a single finger touch on the display or there are multiple.

  • Motion Co-Processor- The iPad Air introduced the motion co-processor, which is a processor dedicated to interpreting the various motion sensors included in the iPad.

  • Dual-Facing Cameras- Both front camera and back camera are present with good picture quality.

  • 16 GB to 128 GB of Flash Storage

  • Wifi Connectivity

  • 10 Hours of Battery Life- It has 10 hours of battery life. In the box itself,it has lightnening cable and an adpater that can be used to charge it.

  • The application store-?Perhaps the biggest reason why many people buy an iPad isn't a feature on the iPad itself. While Android has done a good job catching up to the iPad in the app department, the iPad is still the market leader, with more exclusive apps and many apps coming to the iPad and iPhone months before they come to Android.


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